become a part of IDEA / be part of IDEA Austria

IDEA Austria is part of the worldwide organisation IDEA.


Our main goal is to support and promote drama in education methods in all paedagogic contexts as part of an overarching cultural education.


We achieve this by networking and personal meetings via events and workshops.


IDEA is a volunteer, community-driven organisation. IDEA Austria is beholden to these principles.

Active members are a vital core of our work.

What do you get?


  • information on events and international projects


  • invitations to IDEA meetings (Austrian, European and international)


  • reduced admission fees on certain congresses, conferences and workshops


  • introduction to the drama in education community from all over Europe and the world; get to know differences and similarities in their approaches



  • an international network of IDEA members for cooperations

What do we get?


  • a plethora of members from all fields increases our reach; this helps us to get known in educational circles.


  • a large membership pool helps us with demand-based planning


  • networking is vital for any organisation; IDEA Austria is very active in a variety of projects


  • a membership fee ensures quality work – for organisational reasons we have decided to forego membership fees for the time being; however, we do ask you to strongly consider donating to cover our running costs as we are completely volunteer-run