Who we are

IDEA has the expressed goal of supporting and promoting drama in education methods. This does not only include schools and universities but also all other paedagogic context. All art forms are combined to form a distinguished aesthetic awareness and redound to the personal development.


At the same time, IDEA Austria is organised under the umbrella organisation ÖBV (Österreichischer Bundesverband für außerberufliches Theater – Austrian federal organisation for extra-professional theatre). This provides valuable know-how and helps us with national and international work.


Additionally IDEA Austria is beholden to the ideas of the Network for Theatre in School (National Center of Competence for cultural education). This is an initiative of the BMBWF located at the University College of Teacher's Training in Lower Austria, which aims to aid all creative teachers on a national level to improve their professional training via suitable events.

the IDEA AUSTRIA board (since Nov. 2017)
IDEA Austria is part of a worldwide association: IDEA

IDEA is a volunteer, community-driven organisation. IDEA Austria is beholden to these principles.


Active members are a vital core of our work.